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Marketing for One

For a while, it totally rocks being a solo marketer or a member of a small marketing shop. We get to learn a lot about different aspects of marketing, communication, branding, PR, advertising, multimedia, and, well, all the things. We develop a robust skillset and knowledge base doing such a variety of work, and our days are anything but boring. It’s awesome. Then over time, that fun fades, and we become acutely aware of just how incredibly tactical our days have become. At some point, we reach a tipping point of burnout and frustration:

  • doing a ton of work but not feeling like any of it’s adding value for the audience,
  • making an effort to create something that will resonate with the target audience but being told repeatedly the target audience is, you guessed it, “everyone”,
  • being viewed as a production or service shop that designs or posts stuff dictated by others who are not considering if the audience will value it - yeah, let’s definitely send the audience seven emails this week asking them to do what we want,
  • hearing colleagues or clients say things like “from a marketing standpoint, you should be posting photos to Instagram” without really understanding what marketing is or why we are talking about first defining the audience and developing a social strategy before we just set up an account,
  • knowing goals tied to metrics give us the power to test and generate insights about the audience that we can use to inform future efforts but having to just get stuff out without tracking it,
  • drowning as we try to juggle all the time consuming doing, sending, and posting and having no time or agency to be strategic even though, as a marketer, we know better.

If you’re having that kind of moment, are super tired of the “just do the thing and send it to everyone” tactical grind, and are ready to make a transformational leap into the strategic world of being audience centric, Marketing for One is dedicated to you.

Hey there!

Whether you are the entire marketing department or part of a small team, Marketing for One will empower you with the strategies and resources you need to turn your big dreams about cultivating a community of brand advocates and “if only” wishes about personalizing your audience’s experience into actionable goals.

This site is for you. It's all about how to initiate this massive and strategic change you are dying to make, lead the heck out of it, and (finally) get yourself on the road to adding value for the audience. It also happens to be managed by a solo marketer who totally gets what you're going through because she’s spent her career working on, leading, and advising small teams.

For smaller shops, it can sound like a dream to engage an audience on an individual level in a way that resonates authentically with the attitudes, beliefs, motivations, preferences, personalities, and values of audience members.

Unfortunately, the reality is that smaller teams like ours are overwhelmingly:

  • stuck in reactionary and painfully manual tactical efforts ;
  • still relying on the megaphone of mass marketing (and it’s not because we don’t want to be more strategic);
  • expected to do everything from creating and managing brand strategy to marketing initiatives, producing content, creating buzz across channels, and tracking campaigns without clear priorities or budgets that match expectations;
  • up against a wall of politics and misunderstandings about the value expertise like ours can bring to the organization; and
  • lacking time to get out from under and rise above it all.

That’s a real issue in today’s noisy world of content because every day we are competing for our audience’s attention with resource-rich brands. They have entire teams, expensive systems, and massive budget dollars dedicated to understanding and personalizing the way they reach the same audience we are targeting.

That's not going to stop us, though, is it?

Didn’t think so.

The messaging and positioning of many of today's most pressing problems are being tackled by marketers like us, marketers on small teams who are passionate about the people, places, and causes we are advancing and who are determined to use our expertise to make life better. We might not be resource-rich, but we know that our work is critical and that we have some important strengths we can leverage. We wear many hats, and that means, in addition to boasting a robust skillset, we know how to adapt, persevere, and be resourceful. With fewer people on the team, there also are fewer bottlenecks in our processes, approvals, and change efforts.

That means, despite our limited resources and current vortex of frustrations, we are actually primed to start advancing personalized marketing. This aspirational vision requires our willingness to constantly learn and evolve (and we know how to do that) to make the audience feel understood and ultimately feel our brand is so valuable that they become brand advocates.

So, if you can’t help but think beyond the limits of your resources and are ready to lead significant changes, Marketing for One will help you start where you are with what you have to elevate your daily activities, create the bandwidth to achieve the results you’ve always imagined, and personalize your approach to keep your audience at the heart of the good you are advancing.