About Marketing for One

About Marketing for One

brand consultancy catalyzing social good

About Marketing for One

Welcome to Marketing for One, a NJ-based, audience-centered brand consultancy (and publisher of The #StrategyMoment Blog). We specializes in transforming associations, downtowns, nonprofits, and service businesses into lifestyle brands. Through transformational strategies, resources, and training, we empower you to appeal and relate to your audience on their terms so your brand of good becomes a way of life, which means you can catalyze even more good.

Many of the world’s most pressing issues, from cancer breakthroughs and educational access to ocean clean-ups and vibrant downtowns, are being positioned by under resourced brand builders, communicators, and marketers like you. You're skilled, innovative, and determined to use your expertise to make life better, but your every day reality involves wearing multiple hats and struggling to get out from under the tactical grind long enough to compete for audience attention with resource-rich brands. You know you could and should be more audience-centric, but you're stuck in reactionary and painfully manual tactical efforts with little time to figure out how to actually make the transformational leap. You need a catalyst to help you evaluate and think differently about their priorities, resources, and approaches.

That’s where I step in.

Marketing for One Founder Laura StanikI’m Laura Stanik, the brand strategist and experienced higher ed and nonprofit marketer who founded Marketing for One. I'm on a mission to make social good the social norm so I partner with individuals and organizations who share a passion for making life better and who need some assistance to amplify all that good. I bring a vision for personalized marketing and drive approaches aimed at reaching the audience at an individual level.

I also know a thing or two about the challenges under-resourced folks are facing because I have experienced them. For more than a decade, I have spent my career branding organizations, building empowered teams of strategists, and cultivating engaged and philanthropic communities of advocates. I have directed and executed strategic communications, supervised the design and production of assets in traditional and emerging formats, and worked collaboratively in high pressure, multi-stakeholder settings that require engaging boards, executive leadership, partners, and even multiple supervisors. Because my career has included marketing and brand positioning for college admissions, graduate programs, alumni and volunteer engagement, and both higher ed and nonprofit fundraising, I bring a unique understanding of the lifecycle of constituent engagement and the alignment necessary for success.

Along the way, I have proudly gained front page coverage of stories, won awards for campaigns and video production, led ideal-driven branding, spearheaded the onboarding of marketing automation, and handed out more than a few crisp high fives.

So, whether you don’t have the bandwidth or expertise you need within your organization, need someone to validate your existing plans and help you gain buy-in, or need a truly unbiased point of view, I would love to help you do more good. Through Marketing for One, I offer consulting and also publish The Strategy Moment Blog.

I’d love to hear from you!

If you have a question, awesome idea you’d like to share, or suggestion for a #strategymoment blog topic, please reach out anytime. You can also find Marketing for One on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.