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05 Mar 2017
understanding squad goals

Understanding squad goals so you can gain stakeholder buy-in for the brand ideal process

Buy-in is all about the co-creation of a vision, and when you’re trying to center your organization around a life-improving brand ideal, engaging your stakeholders in the process is a critical step to effectively and successfully lead that massive change. Stakeholder buy-in is not about selling or consensus. It’s about inviting participation and gaining support for a decision, not building agreement about what is the best decision. There’s an important difference because consensus may never happen or may happen around […]

12 Feb 2017
Finding Common Ground

From Me to We: Brand Communities Start with Common Ground

To cultivate a community of brand advocates and personalize our audience’s experience, we first need to find unity in our brand’s beliefs and our audience’s beliefs. A community, afterall, involves a fundamental kind of commonality, and none of us forever remain loyal to someone or something we don’t believe is helping us become the person – or live the life – we envision for ourselves. If you look back at your organization’s vision, mission statement, or marketing plans, you’ll likely […]

29 Jan 2017
community of brand advocates

What does it mean to cultivate a community of brand advocates?

As marketers, we understand that little, if anything, matters more than the audience feeling understood. It is, afterall, our job to unearth and activate the audience. For more than a decade, marketers have been talking about personalizing the audience’s experience and galvanizing brand advocates. Big corporations have invested in large teams and costly platforms to analyze data, automate marketing, and tailor interactions with their audience. It’s the reason we have grown to expect recommendations and customization when reading, shopping, and […]