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05 Jan 2018
Strategies to Overcome the Director of Shiny New Things

Strategies to Overcome the Director of Shiny New Things

So, the director of shiny new things just stopped by with some amaaaaaaazzzzzing new idea you just have to drop everything to pursue. Whether it’s a colleague, board member, or your supervisor providing the unsolicited action item, all these bright shiny things coming at you can have a dizzying and infuriating effect. Get the organization onto the latest social network. NOW! Seriously, make it happen today. How is the organization not on it yet? All you have to do is […]

29 Dec 2017
use partnership to combat toxic coworkers preventing marketing

The One Word You Need to Stop Toxic Coworkers Preventing Marketing Success

Dealing with some toxic coworkers preventing marketing efforts? Desperately wishing they would back off so you could just do your %*$#@!^ job? As marketers, we tend to be focused outwardly on unearthing and activating the audience. Despite how great we are at knowing our audience, sometimes our biggest barrier is our internal audience of colleagues. Of all the stresses I’ve encountered in my marketing career, the single most frustrating barrier has been feeling undermined by my own colleagues. It’s a […]

22 Dec 2017
escape being told to copy someone else’s work

How to Expertly Escape “Just do what they did!”

Being told to copy someone else’s work doesn’t just infuriate designers. Marketers are often asked (or told, if we’re being honest) to “do Instagram like that,” “make a website just like this one,” or “create a mailer like they did.” Rather than starting with the audience and the goal, folks want you to skip to the final product, one that they saw work for someone else. Who’s the audience? Who knows. What’s the strategy? Who cares. It worked for them. […]

15 Dec 2017
Respond to that Awkward Introduction at Work

How to Respond to that Awkward Introduction at Work

Awkward introductions are uncomfortable. An awkward introduction at work can be downright offensive. The good news is you can flip the script every time. This #strategymoment is brought to you by… “here’s the person who tweets for us.” What does a marketer do? What is a communicator’s job…exactly? Isn’t branding just making logos? At this point, you might be pretty used to friends and family having little to no idea what you do or what marketing is. In fact, no […]

17 Nov 2017
ACE the audience is everyone debate

3 brilliant responses to “the audience is everyone”

Even #lonemarketers can ACE the “audience is everyone” debate. Agree, compliment, and expand your way back to marketing. Say, “yes…and here’s how…” This #strategymoment is brought to you by…. “The audience is everyone”. Ahhhh yes, you finished prepping the marketing plan for an upcoming effort, and you’re feeling awesome. Nothing can ruin this day. You finally carved out some time to take a big step away from the megaphone of mass marketing and identified some target segments. The approach might […]

10 Nov 2017
make tactical event plan more strategic

How to Add Audience Value to Even the Most Tactical Event Plan

Considering the three E’s – enticement, enablement and enrichment – helps small teams deliver in the world of wantedness and transform tactical event marketing ideas into strategic audience-centric approaches. This #strategymoment is brought to you by… “the tactical event plan.” You’re developing the marketing plan for an annual event so you look at a previous year’s for context. Uh-oh… No defined goal or intentional strategy. It’s just been a bunch of tactics cobbled together piecemeal into something that reads like […]

03 Nov 2017

1 Simple Question You Need to Conquer Burnout & Unlock Brand Success

Cultivating brand advocates means small teams need to retrain our brains to have a #strategymoment and ask ourselves “what” not “why” to transform marketing moments of despair into productive next steps. This #strategymoment is brought to you by… “the pit of despair.” The messaging and positioning of many of today’s big problems are being tackled by #lonemarketers like us, individuals and small teams who are passionate about the causes we are advancing and who are determined to use our expertise […]

27 Oct 2017
Personalized Marketing & Zeno's Paradox

Why Leading Personalized Marketing Takes More than Grit

the three essential components to get and stay unstuck as you lead infinite change This #strategymoment is brought to you by…“this is insane.”   This is insane. We are trying to take on too much for our size, and so few people here seem to get what we’re doing (or care). Maybe we should just give up and admit to ourselves that we are out-resourced and too late. The Apples, Amazons, and Starbucks of the world have already won. I’ve […]

05 Mar 2017
Brand Ideal Stakeholder Buy-in

How to Start Down the Road to Stakeholder Buy-in

Understanding your squad’s goals is key to ensuring the stakeholder buy-in process is participatory and not a one-sided sales effort. The success of a brand ideal will require people across the organization buying-in. This #strategymoment is brought to you by… “nobody else cares about a brand ideal.” Stakeholder buy-in is not about selling or consensus. Buy-in is all about the co-creation of a vision, and when you’re trying to center your organization around a life-improving brand ideal, engaging your stakeholders in […]

12 Feb 2017
Go from Me to We with a Brand Ideals

How to Unite a Community with a Brand Ideal

The best don’t just talk about themselves. Organizations that harness a brand ideal to intentionally position themselves as partners with their audience in achieving something the audience values don’t just have a more defined brand identity and more engaged community, they end up making more money. This #strategymoment is brought to you by… “it’s all about the organization.” To cultivate a community of brand advocates and personalize our audience’s experience, we first need to find unity in our brand’s beliefs […]