About Marketing for One

About Marketing for One

become their brand of good, too

About Marketing for OneWelcome to Marketing for One, a NJ-based brand strategy team and the publisher of The #StrategyMoment Blog.

You’re committed to making a difference, but it’s not enough to do good. Your success depends on getting people involved in your association, downtown, nonprofit, or service business.

What you’re trying to build is a community, and that means you need to attract the right people. Sure, it'd be great if everyone got involved, but you don’t really want folks who will get involved once or twice and then bail. Do you? Didn't think so. You want the kind of people who are in it to win it for the long haul. People who will loooooove each and every experience so much that they routinely come back - and even bring their friends along.

But, people are busy living life.

You might need to draw a crowd to an event, drive program enrollment, or hit a fundraising target. No matter how much good you’re doing, the top priority on other people’s minds is not what you need. They’re busy living it up, and they definitely aren’t looking for someone to interrupt their good time to tell them what they should do or value.

So, how do you get people to care?

Each and every member of your audience wants experiences, opportunities, and solutions that improve their lives. Being part of your brand of good is not their final destination. It’s a means to an end.

When you appeal and relate to your people on their terms, you stop selling and asking. Instead, you start helping them get where they want to go - and it can change everything (especially your bottom line).

Some people call creating life-improving interactions like these individualized, personalized, or one-to-one marketing.

We call it Marketing for One.

The talented team at Marketing for One empowers individuals and organizations committed to making a difference with the strategies, resources, and support to put their audience first.

Ready to become their brand of good, too?