Brand Consulting for Social Good

Brand Consulting for Social Good

You’re dedicated to making life better, and you’re working really hard to advance something important. When you want to advance even more good but need some help evaluating and thinking differently about your priorities, resources, or approaches to make it possible, Marketing for One is here to help.

When you don’t have the bandwidth, the expertise, the buy-in, or the impartial input you need, I can help you:

discover the life-improving ideal that unites your organization and your audience;

define your audience;

develop and document your brand platform and unique brand DNA;

establish channel-level content mission statements and strategies;

evaluate where your biggest and most realistic opportunities exist to become more audience-centric and address how to harness those opportunities;

figure out which metrics to track and gather baseline data so you can evaluate future performance and measure progress;

guide your team’s evolving journey from tactical service shop to strategic partner;

lead strategy sessions;

learn how to create ads that improve audience engagement;

plan for a crisis;

position an effort or campaign for audience resonance;

solve a process, performance, or partner obstacle you’re facing;

strategize organizational design improvements to team structure, roles, and responsibilities; and

streamline processes and procedures (which also improve culture and operational health).

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Together, we can amplify your organization’s ability to do good by ensuring your audience is always at the heart of the good you are advancing.