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23 Mar 2018
How to deal with coworkers who complain behind your back

How to Deal with Coworkers Who Complain Behind Your Back

When you’re trying to be more strategic (and also gain more control over your workload), the last thing you need is coworkers who complain behind your back about the marketing and communications you’re trying to advance. Instead of focusing on reaching the right people together, you end up divided. Suddenly you have to stop what you’re doing to address what they said to someone else because it got to your supervisor. It can have you constantly looking over your shoulder […]

16 Mar 2018
constantly fighting fires at work

How to Stop Constantly Fighting Fires at Work

When you’re constantly fighting fires at work, all of your best laid plans can go up in flames. Urgency controls your time instead of importance. You start struggling to get to meetings on time, and you probably feel belittled by all the petty requests and inability to focus on your real priorities. When you’re already short on time and trying to position your organization to (finally) focus on the audience, fire-fighting can be a real barrier to your success. #StrategyMoment: […]

09 Mar 2018
how to politely remind coworkers you are not the target audience

How to Remind Colleagues “You Are Not the Target Audience”

You know you are not the target audience, but your colleagues sure think they are. Here you are again, sitting in another meeting sharing your awesome marketing communications when someone pops out one of those gems that makes your head spin. “I don’t like it, and I’m a woman.” You find a tactful way to keep the conversation going. Nice work! Annnnnnd then someone else says, “…well, I have a (you fill in the blank), and they would never like […]

02 Mar 2018
solve marketing communications problems

The hidden truth that will solve most marketing communications problems

At the core of the biggest marketing communications problems facing organizations today is one question: How can we get people to care? If there’s one phrase I hear on repeat, it’s, “Our marketing sucks! We need a new…” So many associations, downtowns, nonprofits, and solopreneurs think the reason people don’t care is their marketing. They’re not seeing the results they want, or put another way, people aren’t doing what the organization wants. Many organizations think that solving their marketing communications […]

16 Feb 2018
The one meeting you need to schedule to spark nonprofit innovation

The One Meeting You Need to Schedule to Spark Nonprofit Innovation

It’s no secret that innovation is a top priority for nonprofits that want to grow, remain relevant, and compete for audience attention – and yet nonprofit innovation is rarely productive or effective. You’ve experienced it. IT launched a new platform they’ve been beta testing with a few key staff, but you weren’t included so you’re learning about it now. Fundraisers or volunteer relations folks casually mentioned in a meeting that they worked with a donor, board member, or staff partner […]

09 Feb 2018
strategy moment coworker copying the supervisor

4 Professional Responses to Your Coworker Copying the Supervisor that will Get the Best Results

Your coworker copying the supervisor isn’t always a bad thing, but it sure can appear passive-aggressive when it’s – well – passive-aggressively done. When you’re trying to focus on strategic marketing communications efforts, it can be more than a little frustrating to have to deal with petty email exchanges that drain you of your limited time and energy. No matter how many times it happens, it can still be surprising, infuriating, and downright toxic when someone copies your manager, especially […]

02 Feb 2018
coworkers stopping by culture of interruption

How to Escape the Groundhog Day Time Loop of Coworkers Dropping By

Coworkers dropping by isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it’s nice that people like you and want to say hi. It also says something about your leadership that folks know they can come to you for help. When you reach a Groundhog Day-level repetitive loop of pop-ins, it can be near impossible to get anything done. As soon as someone walks away, you hear… This will only take a minute. As soon as you’re done with that, someone else […]

26 Jan 2018
strategy moment never-ending rounds of revisions

10 Tips That Will Actually Stop Never-Ending Rounds of Revisions

When you’re stuck in never-ending rounds of revisions and your document file name is “final-vs11,” you definitely don’t need someone sharing even more input. This #strategymoment is brought to you by: “just a few more changes.” One of the biggest challenges nonprofit marketing communications professionals face is lack of time. So, it’s no surprise that when someone responds to version eleven of what should have been the “final” deliverable with “just a few more changes,” it can be hard to […]

19 Jan 2018
ive the audience what they want - marketing for one

How to Give the Audience What They Want, Not Just What Your Leader Likes

So, you would love to give the audience what they want, but you’re stuck being a slave to what your leader likes? Don’t get me wrong, supporting leadership and making sure you’re aligned is critical. It’s just that leading data-informed, audience-centric marketing communications can be near impossible when you aren’t focused on the audience. Sure, you’ve been known to create a strong audience-centered hypothesis to test. You’ve even done some research into the audience to inform your strategies, but, in […]

05 Jan 2018
Strategies to Overcome the Director of Shiny New Things

Strategies to Overcome the Director of Shiny New Things

So, the director of shiny new things just stopped by with some amaaaaaaazzzzzing new idea you just have to drop everything to pursue. Whether it’s a colleague, board member, or your supervisor providing the unsolicited action item, all these bright shiny things coming at you can have a dizzying and infuriating effect. Get the organization onto the latest social network. NOW! Seriously, make it happen today. How is the organization not on it yet? All you have to do is […]